Donna Lugassy was born in Schiedam, the Netherlands, in 1994. She grew up, for the most part, in Rotterdam. Her father being of Israeli/Maroccan descent and her mother being Dutch, her family life was one of mixed cultures. At the age of 7, Donna decided that she wanted to become a singer and songwriter. Music producing was added to her ambitions at the age of 14.


She was accepted into the school for senior general secondary education of Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, where she continued to pursue her ambition of becoming a singer. Initially, she focused predominantly on R&B and soul music, and released songs with Jordan & Mafe to Ronnie Flex productions as early as at the age of 12, later on followed by a song with Feis (Dutch Rapper). Her collaboration with Spinnin’ DJs Pep & Rash enabled her to widen her horizon to include EDM and pop music. Although the song they produced together was never officially released, their friendship opened many doors for her in the world of EDM. Superstar producer and DJ Sidney Samson, for instance, asked her to write for his brand-new Deadly Zoo project under Spinnin’ Records. These songs are ready to be released in the autumn of 2017. Donna has released a track with Vinai & 22Bullets ‘Take My Breath Away’ which has already reached over a million plays on Spotify alone. In the meantime, she provided vocals for artists including Ferreck Dawn, Twinns, Romeo Blanco, and Lucky Charmes, as well as writing lyrics for various other artists such as The Voice of Holland winner of 2017 ‘Pleun’ and Dutch star Sharon Doorson.


In February 2017, Donna released her Dutch single ‘Jij en Ik Tegen De Wereld’ (You and Me Against the World). This song, which is entirely her own creation, including lyrics, vocals and production, and which she released herself without the backing of a label, has already reached over 310,000 plays on Spotify.


Since then she has released several independent records. Since her music is picked up fast she decided to start her own Record Label ‘Lugassy Records’. Donna’s music can be found in several official Spotify lists, including ‘Vibes’ and ‘Je Moerstaal’.

At the end of 2019, Donna realised that she wanted to go back to singing in English instead of Dutch and so she is starting off 2020 with a single in English, to be followed by her EP.

Next up is her release on 24 January 2020 of ‘Moonrise’, which she has also written and produced herself entirely. This is the first single of her first and self-produced EP ‘Love & Break Ups’.

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